Hardware architecture

The Ortolang architecture consists of 6 dedicated Dell R630 and R640 servers using Ubuntu.

These servers are aggregated using the VmWare hypervisor to form a dedicated cluster. In addition to the dynamic allocation of resources (CPU, RAM), VmWare’s functionalities allow the virtual machines (VM) that make up the Ortolang application to be moved from one physical server to another and ensure continuity of service if a physical server breaks down, or if it is shut down for maintenance.

All the platform’s equipment (server, storage, backup) are interconnected by very high-speed switches (8 and 16 Gbit/s) with redundant physical paths.

Connection to the National Research Network Renater uses a 1Gbit/s link that can be easily upgraded and upgraded if necessary. A dual active/passive high-availability firewall filters accesses. The Ortolang servers are not accessible directly from the Internet, but by proxy.

The supervision of the whole system is ensured by the open source software Shinken as well as by vCenter for the whole VmWare part (dynamic resource allocation, stop/start/move VMs).

Infrastructure ORTOLANG

Infrastructure simplifiée ORTOLANG 01/2020