Data curation

All resources deposited by producers on the ORTOLANG platform must go through all the stages of the publishing workflow before they can be disseminated effectively. During these stages, certain information is checked:

Depositing data

  1. Producers deposit their resources on the ORTOLANG platform. They first need to create a user account, then a workspace corresponding to the project and to explicitly accept the ORTOLANG charter.
  2. Producers upload the data then enter the metadata for their project. There are some optional fields but most are mandatory (e.g. licenses). There are pre-filled suggestion menus for many fields to make filling in the metadata (e.g. resource type, language, licences, etc.) as easy as possible.
  3. Producers define access rights using a simple form. The data can then be submitted for publication.

Checking the data

  1. The group of moderators is informed that a new resource has just been submitted when the producer submits their data for publication. This group is made up of scientists and technicians. They then check the data and metadata for errors or missing information, check the URLs, use tools to validate data formats and so forth.
  2. An internal communication system enables the moderators to exchange information and ask the depositor questions if the resource needs corrections. Exchanges can take place both ways as depositors can ask the moderators questions once a workspace has been created. When everything is checked and correct, the resource is accepted for publication and becomes visible on the platform.