The search API uses a query parser to translate the URL parameters to the search engine (currently ElasticSearch) used by ORTOLANG. Using a query allows users to filter a list of elements. Each element is a JSON document indexed by the search engine.


field matches a specific attribute in the JSON document ( In order to query a document, a field can be filtered using the dot notation like a.b.c where a, b and c are attributes. For example, the attribute format of a oai_dc JSON document can be reached with the following field streamContent.format.value.

field can be followed by a marker:

If no marker is following the field, it matches a term (

Every field must exist in the matching documents.

Predefined terms

Some terms are interpreted by the query parser.

The others terms are used for filtering and need to match a field in the document.


The search API allows to filter a list of metadata object by sending an HTTP GET request.

Resource URL:
Postman collection: Search.postman_collection.json