In order to allow the pooling and exchange of linguistic resources within the scientific community, the resources must be easily identifiable and correctly cited. This is why Ortolang adopts various policies to facilitate the citation process.

Automatic structure

Ortolang follows the Force11 community’s recommendations regarding resource citation. Citations are automatically generated from the metadata filled in by the resource producer, in the following order:

  1. the name of the authors (extract from the contributors with ‘author’ role) or producer organizations
  2. the year of creation
  3. the name of the resource
  4. the name of the repository
  5. the version number of the resource
  6. the static persistent identifier
Structure de la citation

Structure de la citation 

Displaying citations

On the web page corresponding to the resource, the citations are clearly displayed at the top of the page, in a visually prominent area entitled Bibliographical citation.

Where they exist, reference publications are displayed first. These describe how the resource was created. Below the reference publications, the citation specific to the resource is displayed.

affichage des citations

Publications de références et citation de la ressource

Copy citations

Buttons allow you to quickly copy all citations in Text and BibTeX format to facilitate the exchange of bibliographic information.

Copier les citations

Copier les citations