Infrastructure roadmap

The ORTOLANG infrastructure is currently in its third version:

  1. A 2013 version was used during the development phase (2013-2016)
  2. A 2016 version for the initial phase of production (2016-2019)
  3. A 2020 version to cover the period 2020-2025. This version was acquired and implemented in late 2019 (new Dell R640 servers, new Brocade B6505 switches, new Quantum DXi 4800 backup system, new Dell SC 5020 storage disk array).
ORTOLANG also relies on the INIST pooled hardware resources which are updated on a yearly basis (firewall replaced in 2019, backup server replaced in 2019, etc.). All INIST systems are under a enterprise-type support scheme (maintenance operation within 4 hours).